The mighty Amazon rainforest straddles Peru and eight other South American countries over 2 million square miles. It represents half of the world’s natural rainforest and is the most species rich in the world with many unique animals and plants. The Tambopata Nature Reserve is located in the Amazon basin, south of the Madre de Dios river, and is known for its staggering biodiversity which make this place one of the best to explore the Amazon.

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What we love about this tour

  • Visiting Puerto Maldonado’s market and purchasing locally made Amazonian crafts
  • Walking through the jungle – with an expert guide to help spot monkeys, parrots and more!
  • Trying to catch your own dinner by learning to fish
  • Night time exploring for alligators and caiman
  • Learning about animal rescue and conserving the Amazon at the Island of Rolin sanctuary

Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata

We will be transferred to the port of Rio Madre de Dios. We will navigate for 45 minutes in outboard motorized boats until we arrive to the lodge where we will settle in. Lunch. We will take a one hour walk through the Amazon paths in order to see the plant and wild life of the reserve.

At night we will take an excursion to see the caiman/alligators on the shores of the Madre de Dios River. We will be able to see the jungle with the aid of lights. During dinner they will provide an explanation of the ingredients used to prepare the dinner.

Tambopata_birding 6

Day 2: Tambopata – Amazon Reserve

Breakfast. We will begin an excursion to the Gamitana Ravine, navigating down the river for 30 mintutes. We will see birds, monkeys, caimans and other species. We will also see a great variety of trees and bushes.

We will continue towards Loboyoc, which is an important canal system, where there are many aquatic birds. Participate in a hands-on lesson in the craft of traditional fishing.  On the way back we will visit a small native farm and to get familiar with the crops that are grown in the area, such as sugar cane, manoc, banana, cocoa, among others. Dinner.


Day 3: Tambopata – Amazon Reserve

Trip to Sandoval Lake, a nature sanctuary, where we will see different animal species that live in the area.

We will visit the Island of Rolín- this is a center of rescue and study of different animals of the reserve. We will experience the humid forest, the great biodiversity, and a program of reintroduction of primates. Dinner.

Tambopata 1

Day 4: Tambopata – Puerto Maldonado

At a convenient time, we will initiate navigation of 30 minutes down the Madre de Dios River. Transfer from the wharf to the airport of Puerto Maldonado