In this tour to Chile you will find that San Pedro de Atacama conserves the testimony of a nomadic people that settled next to small rivers in the desert of Atacama. The Archeological Museum Padre Le Paige allows us to admire the remains of the ancient Atacama culture. San Pedro is the starting point towards a variety of attractions like the geyser El Tatio, fumaroles that sprout in the dawn, the dry lakes of Atacama, with their flamencos, the Valley of the Moon, and other ancestral peoples like Toconao or Caspana.

It is possible to contact the inhabitants by means of ethno-tourism, learn about the ayllu (familial organization of land cultivation), the Pucara of Quitor (defensive structure of the house), and enjoy the thermal waters, like Puritama or walk by rocky trails where the people sculpt.  It is a trip designed for those tourists with a high interest of discovering a unique place in the world.

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What we love about this tour

  • The view of a beautiful and never ending desert. It is a breath-taking landscape.
  • Having dinner under a sky full of stars. Atacama is well known for its great geographical position for astronomical observatories.
  • Exploring the power of one of the highest elevation geysers in the world.
  • Discovering a pre-inca culture, that still nourishes many of its ancient traditions.

Day 1: Calama - San Pedro de Atacama

Reception at the airport El Loa. Assistance and transport to the ancestral town of San Pedro de Atacama.  Accommodation at the hotel.


Day 2: San Pedro de Atacama

Breakfast. Departure for a 1-day visit to the Dry Lake of Atacama and the Cordillera de la Sal.  It is possible to watch Parinas (pink flamencos) at lake Chaxa, their natural habitat.  At Toconao, an ancient pre-Inca town, you will visit the church. Afterwards, you will visit the Archeological and Antropological Museum Padre Le Paige and the Pukara de Quitor. Back to San Pedro de Atacama to visit the Valley of the Moon.

Geysers de Tatio 2

Day 3: San Pedro de Atacama - Geiser del Tatio

At 04.00 hrs. we will depart towards the geysers Del Tatio, an impressive valley of fumaroles that sprout vapor and water of volcanic origin, located at 4.380 meters over the sea level.  Breakfast.  Afterwards, we will go to the towns of Caspana, and then to Chiu Chiu and finally to Pukara de Lasana, an ancient fortress. Return to San Pedro de Atacama.

Valle de la Luna - Atacama

Day 4: San Pedro de Atacama - Calama

Breakfast. Transport from San Pedro de Atacama to the airport of Calama.